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     On behalf of the Lost Highway Riders, we want to thank you for your generous donation to our charity event on Saturday August 11, 2018. Your gift and generosity allowed us to raise funds for our nation's veterans. 

     Compasion of giving from individuals such as yourself is what truly makes this country great. Thanks again.


Article I
 Name & Organization

Section 1.  As of November 2012 we will be known as LOST HIGHWAY RIDERS.  The LOST HIGHWAY RIDERS were incorporated as a Limited Liability Cooperation in October 2011 and will also be referred to as LHR and/or LHR, LLC in this document.

Article II
Purpose & Objective

Section 1.  Purpose:

       The purpose of the LOST HIGHWAY RIDERS is to ride motorcycles, associate with our club brothers and the motorcycle community at large and to have fun.

Section 2.  Objective:

       In and about this task we intend to promote good will between the biker subculture and our community at large.
      Promote advocacy and education concerning our rights as US citizens and as bikers.
       Promote, support and advocate for non-profit and charitable organizations in our respective charter areas.


Section 1.  Membership:

       Membership is open to any male who is at least 21 years of age and who is dedicated to the ways and commitments of our lifestyle. 

      Any prospective member will have to be sponsored by a full patched member who has club tenure of at least on (1) year.

       We however cannot accept for membership anyone who works in, for or with law enforcement.  Law enforcement’s perception of loyalty, honor, respect and brotherhood when it comes to the biker world greatly differs from ours.  Allowing anyone associated with law enforcement would only result in distrust and conflict between LHR and the biker community at large.

      We cannot condone, accept or allow for membership anyone who has worked “in the capacity of” an undercover informant or who did cooperate with law enforcement in such a manner as to cause harm, distress or betrayal to another for profit, gain or personal favor.  These are despicable acts and a person of this nature cannot be trusted.  The basis of our brotherhood is Loyalty, Honor and Respect and anyone who has caused this type of harm to another is not deserving of our respect or membership in to our brotherhood.

       A person as a full member must wear our patch hereafter known as “Fast Eddie”.  A members spouse or significant other is allowed to participate in club activities as a supporter of the patched member and LHR.

        Motorcycle ownership is required for membership but we understand that circumstances arise when a man can no longer ride due to disability etc.  These individuals will be welcomed as this encourages brotherhood and camaraderie with those individuals who still share the love of motorcycles and the biker world. 

 Section 2.  Types of membership shall consist of:

       Full member – Representation of LHR by wearing a full back patch and exhibiting conduct that is reflective of our bylaws and way of life.  Participation in LHR meetings and events is required of all full members.

      Full member/Lifetime Disabled – Representation of LHR by wearing full back patch and participation in LHR events as physical ability allows.  A disable member must have had previous motorcycle riding experience or have shown a dedication to the motorcycle culture.

       Supporter (spouse/significant other) – Representation of LHR by wearing the supporter back patch, front support patch and name tab identifying the member who the supported is has a relationship to. 

      All members and supporters will wear any LHR patch or supporter patches on either a “black leather” or “black denim” vest with patch location as indicated by LHR protocol.  No other color or type of vest will be acceptable and the patch should “never” be sewn on to any other article of clothing.  The LHR patch should never be worn while driving or riding in a car, truck, van etc.  We are a “motorcycle” club and to wear our mark in such a way as to indicate anything other is not allowed.

Section 3.  Member Selection:

We do not “solicit” members to join our brotherhood.  Our philosophy is and always will be “quality” and never “quantity”.  That being said, membership is open to any male 21 years or older who meets the following membership stipulations and criteria:

      Has never left an MC, RC, MA, MM or other riding group or organization under a condition of “Out In Bad Standing”.  Accepting someone who is considered out in bad standing would be telling the motorcycle community that LHR accepts for membership someone who has harmed or brought disrespect to another motorcycle organization.
      Are not now or having ever been a member of law enforcement.
       Has never worked with or for law enforcement in the capacity as an undercover operative.
      Agrees with the intent and purpose of LHR.
       Is in good standing in terms of conduct with LHR membership.
        Pays any initiation fees, club dues and agrees to abide by our bylaws.
       Expresses a true desire to be a participating and active member of LHR
      Owns and rides a motorcycle of a least 45 cubic inches/750cc and has a motorcycle operators license issued in one of the 50 US states.

Section 4. Termination of Membership:


       If a member is removed from membership or leaves by choice all patches and any other item bearing the LHR name or logo “MUST” be returned to LHR immediately.

      There will be no refunds of dues, donations, fees or any other costs related to membership in LHR.

Section 5. Rights:

       Each full patch member shall have voting rights and full privileges related to membership in the Lost Highway Riders.

Section 6. Removal from membership:

       Any member may be removed for cause by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of full patch members present at a business meetings following a discussion of cause.  This removal must be precipitated by conduct unbecoming a member of the LHR and an obvious violation of our bylaws.  This would include any intentional action or behavior that would indicate disrespect to another person or club in such a way as to bring a negative impact or perception of LHR.

      A vote for removal must be announced to the membership no later than two weeks (14 days) prior to the meeting and must include the date, time, location and specifics of the cause for the vote.

       For extreme circumstances an emergency meeting may be called by all immediate and available members.  A person who’d membership has been removed “MUST” return their patches and all other items bearing the name or logo of the club.  No member being removed for cause is due a refund of any kind.
Founding Members Committee

Section 1. Founding Members Committee:

       Through nomination, volunteer or vote process a founding member committee will be formed.  This committee will be referred to as FMC in this document.

Section 2. Founding Members Committee Duties:

       The FMC members of record will be responsible for the collection of all  dues, initiation fees, new patch fees, and other revenue related to LHR, LLC specific.

      The FMC members will be responsible for the documentation of all funds collected and expenditures made.  This documentation will be available to any member in good standing with a five (5) day notice. 

       The FMC will be responsible for the purchase of new LHR patches and other support gear bearing the LHR name or logo.  The FMC will also maintain the inventory of any and all club patches and any other club assets. 

      The FMC will be responsible for seeing that all dues are paid to organizations that LHR, LLC belongs to such as NCOM or any charitable organization.  This would also include the annual fees for the clubs website as well as the annual renewal of the Limited Liability Cooperation fees. 

       Records of any and all purchases or transactions involving LHR funds will be documented and the financial records reconciled a minimum of every three (3) months.  This reconciliation will be available to any member in good standing with a minimum of five (5) days notice.

Coordinators & Activity Directors

Section 1. Event Coordinator:

       Event coordinators will be appointed or accepted on a voluntary basis to be in charge of specific events that LHR or an LHR charter may host.  Each LHR charter is autonomous unto it self and will select event coordinators from its charter membership.  The appointees will be as follows:

                                             Event Road Captain – Plans, maps the route and stops and leads the group during the riding event.
                                           Event Coordinator – Organizes and leads an event and secures all permits and authorizations necessary for LHR or the charter to host an event.  This would specifically pertain to any event defined as a “riding event or run”.
                                         Event Liaison – Co-coordinates with the Road Captain and Coordinator to facilitate security and traffic direction and control.  This member is the contact for communication between LHR and other event participating entities or co-sponsors

Section 2. Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses accrued from events or activities:

       Members shall be eligible for reimbursement for reasonable out-of-pocket expense incurred during the administration of LHR business by submitting a request with receipts during a business meeting.  Reimbursement is subjected to approval of one charter officer and the charter treasurer.  These expenses will be documented along with the receipt and explanation of the expenditure.

      Any reimbursement made to any member for any reason from LHR funds or assets will be made public to the membership.  If it is an expenditure paid from the LHR, LLC general fund the entire membership will be advised.  If it is paid from a charter treasury the charter membership will be made aware of the expenditure and reimbursement reason.
Section 3.  Duties of the Event Road Captain (when one has been appointed)

       To plan the travel routes and organize the basic itinerary of the group prior to going on the run

      To lead the group in formation riding next to the President on all LHR sponsored runs.

       To make sure every member that is participating in the event is accounted for and travels with the group.

      Inspects and assures all motorcycles are safe, legal and in good working order prior to any run.

Section 4. Duties of the Webmaster:

       The webmaster will maintain the website in coordination with the founding members

      The webmaster will collect new material and information as needed to keep the website current.

       The webmaster will include, add and update links and web addresses pertinent to the LHR’s philosophy and intent upon approval of the founding members.


Section 1. Dues and Fees:

       The Lost Highway Riders, LLC should and will be self-supporting.  For this to be possible new member initiation fees and membership dues will be implemented.  Funds generated by these dues and fees will be used “specifically and only for LHR related events or expenses”. 

      After an event that is sponsored all funds used from the clubs main or a charter’s treasury will be repaid to the treasury in full as well as a 15% administrative fee.  The remaining 85% will go to the charity the event was sponsored for.  When an event, party or run is held that is meant strictly for the enjoyment of the club or charter no repayment is necessary.  However, any costs for the event will be entered in the treasury’s account ledger so as to track and reconcile the club/charters assets.

       All patches paid for by a new member will be at cost plus $25.  This will allow the club or charter to accumulate funds whereby patches may be purchased in advance for availability to new members as they are accepted.  This would include patches that the club or charter already has on hand.  Any member wanting his spouse/significant other to wear support patches will be responsible for the cost of the patches at the cost decided on by the club.  This would also include the cost for NCOM membership and the Confederation of Clubs membership patches.  All patches bearing the name or logo of the Lost Highway Riders or of organizations that are worn based on the membership of the Lost Highway Riders will remain the property of the Lost Highway Riders, LLC in perpetuity. 

      All new members will pay a one time initiation fee and annual dues for an initial membership fee of $50

       Annual dues of $25 will be paid to the clubs treasury and will be due each year by January 31st.  Charter treasurers are responsible for sending their charters $25 dues by the January 31st.  All members who ride in an area where there is no organized charter will be responsible for sending in their annual dues by January 31st.  These annual dues will be used to defer the cost of the clubs website, membership in NCOM as well as other expenses directly related to the Lost Highway Riders as a club.

        Charter dues amounts will be decided by each charter.  Charter dues are to be paid at each monthly business meeting.

       Charter dues will be used for whatever means the charter decides on.  Each charter is autonomous unto it self and has total control over its treasury and all charter assets.

      Any support gear or other items (t-shirts, hoodies, bumper sticker, koozies, etc) that are purchased by the club for sale to members or supporters will be sold at cost plus 10% to members and 15% to supporters.  Charters will set their own prices for any support gear or items they offer to its members and/or supporters.  All support gear revenue and expenditures will be documented and reconciled separate from the club/charters general ledger.  These funds are to be used strictly for the purchase and resale of support gear and items.


Section 1. Meeting Frequency and Location:

       Each charter will hold a minimum of one business meeting each month.

      An “Emergency Meeting” may be called if circumstances warrant.  All members who are available will be required to attend any emergency meeting called as such meetings will likely be for reasons of high importance to LHR or the charter and its membership.

       Monthly charter meetings will be held for the purpose of discussing charter business as well as to fraternize and promote the camaraderie of our brotherhood.

      The date, time and location of the meetings will be decided at during the previous months meeting. 

       A minimum of two members from each charter or state will attend each monthly/bi-monthly COC meeting in their area/state.  This will show commitment and respect to the motorcycle community in the area.

        A minimum of two members from each charter or state will attend the annual NCOM Regional Meeting for their geographical area.  This will give LHR recognition from other motorcycle clubs and organizations while at the same time show that we are a serious and active motorcycle club who is committed to participating in the continued struggle for our rights and bikers.


Appointments and Committees

Section 1. Appointments & Committee Positions:

       All appointment to and for committee’s are positions that are voluntary by nature and may be formed for special events or functions.

      The positions are appointed by nomination or by volunteering. 

       If necessary a running list of member’s names will be kept with random selections being made for participation on various committees.  This would be necessary only if there weren’t enough members being nominated or volunteering for any specific committee.

Amendments To Bylaws

Section 1 Change to Bylaws:

       Notification of proposed changes to the Bylaws of the organization will be made through email and/or telephone communication at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the next business meeting at which the Bylaws change will be considered.

      The Bylaws may be changed or modified by a simple majority vote of the membership. 

       Members absent from the meeting who wish to vote by email may do so through a proxy authorization submitted.

      All absentee or proxy ballots must be received no less than one (1) day before the meeting in which the proposed Bylaw change or modification is to be voted on.
       All email ballots will be tallied after a vote of those members present and will summarize the results for the record of the meeting.

       Bylaw changes or modifications will take effect immediately upon determination of the final result of the vote.

       All amendments, changes or modifications of the Bylaws shall reflect the date of the change immediately following the particular Bylaw as it is listed.

Conduct, Riding Gear & Miscellaneous

Section 1 Conduct:

       Any member of the LHR may be dismissed from a meeting or activity as a result of inappropriate behavior.

      The member will be warned concerning such behavior one time.

       The person warning the individual of inappropriate behavior will be accompanied by at least one other member.

      The following will be a basis for but not limited to inappropriate behavior and any disciplinary actions:

       Wild unsafe riding habits, especially done in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety of other riders or persons.

       Wild unsafe riding habits, especially done in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety of other riders or persons.
       Obnoxious behavior that is detrimental to the image and reputation of the LHR.
       Excess consumption of alcohol that could lead to the rider causing harm to another rider or persons.
        Any indication of disrespect to any other individuals attending a function or event that is or is not sponsored by the Lost Highway Riders.

 Section 2. Disciplinary Action:

       Ratification a membership recommendation for disciplinary action will be done by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote by the LHR membership.  All votes are binding and final.

Section 3. Member and Guest State Law Compliance

       All members and guest participating in a riding event shall wear a helmet compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218); commonly known as a DOT helmet standard if a law requires a helmet is any state we might be traveling into or through.

      In the event that the state where a charter is located does not have a helmet law, then the LHR does not require its members to wear a helmet

       All members and guests participating in a riding event shall have a current motorcycle license, current tag/registration and current insurance for the vehicle they will be operating.

      All members will keep their motorcycle in proper operating condition including but not limited to vehicle equipment and operation requirements set forth by the statutes of local and state law.

       Proof of a valid and current license, registration and insurance can be requested by and an inspection and condition of any vehicle or equipment done by an event road captain prior to riding in an LHR sponsored event.

       Failure to provide any requested documentation or an inspection by any individual might result in denial of participation for failure to meet the standards in the interest of group safety.

      The minimum engine displacement for motorcycles shall be 750cc for all riders participating in an LHR sponsored event.  All motorcycles must be of a cruiser or touring class. 

Non-Member Guest
Section 1  Guests:

       Non-member motorcycle owners are welcome at all rides, junctions and social gatherings of the LHR so long as they are invited guests.  A “regular” member must accompany all non-members and each member may invite one (1) non-member guest per LHR event.

      All guests must agree to abide by LHR rules, standards and code of conduct.

       Sponsors will be held responsible for the conduct of their guest.